Coming up with a new domain name is usually quite difficult. You have to come up with something catchy, memorable, and preferably short. Tool is a domain name generator with a difference. It uses a thesaurus to find related words to your site so you get a greater choice in choosing a domain prefect for your site. This domain name generator only produces .com top level domains. Try a few different combinations and see what you can come up with.

ToolNames is a Yet Another Dale Project.

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Getting Started

ToolNames is very simple:

  1. Type some keywords into the keyword box that relate to your site
  2. Select the maximum limit (the higher the limit the longer the processing time)
  3. Click the 'Find me a domain!' button
  4. Watch the domains get sorted
  5. Click on the logo of you favourite domain register and claim the domain before someone else does
  6. Check the domains already taken to see if they are for sale

Available Domains

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